10 Questions with… Daley!

As we continue to celebrate our 10th anniversary, we check in with our day 1’s and this guy is no exception. In fact he’s the epitome of Wirey Family. We’ve travelled all over the world with him from our humble beginnings in East London, to Miami and even hosted his album launch in LA! As we type he’s on his way back to home soil, flying across the pond for his London headline show at Village Underground on Dec 11th, so what better time to catch up with the only and only…. DALEY!!

10 Questions with… Daley!

1) TIW is 10 this year. What were you like when you were 10 years old?

Ten years old I hadn’t quite found my feet at all. I had a lot of creative energy but nowhere to channel it, I actually had quite a bad temper. I started to really discover music, train my voice and songwriting came later.

2) What’s the best advice would you give your 10 year old self?

Something along the lines of ‘the things that people make fun of now / that make you different, will be your most valuable assets in a few years… so don’t stress’ because that’s kind of how it worked out. Don’t spend all your money on trainers and to feel no pressure to fall in line or blend in.

3) What’s your most memorable moment from your time at ThisIsWIRED?

I would have to say simply the first time I came to Wired. It was before anyone knew me, I’d just moved to London from Manchester and was in the process of finding my ‘tribe’… it was new, special, sexy, everything. I felt like I was in the right place. And every performance I’ve done at Wired has been memorable, always an amazing energy and sense of creative community.

4) How has your career developed since you first got Wirey with us back in 2009? What have been some major milestones?

First Wired in 2010 coincided with a lot of firsts, new to living in London, first live performances, first record deal, etc. I’ve hit a good few milestones since then. I’ve released 3 albums, been able to sing, write and tour all over the world, working with some of my favourite artists from Jill Scott and Maxwell, to Stevie Wonder and Pharrell.

5) As you took to the stage and wowed the crowd beneath you with your undeniable, unstoppable musical ability… what kind of socks were you wearing?

Black obvs!

6) Tell us two things you want your fans to know about you that they don’t already.

Hmm… anything they don’t already know, I probably don’t want them to know!

7) What are the last three songs you played on Spotify?

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody Emily King – Remind Me And my own song ’Temple’ (was just checking the button worked!)

8) When we come back to you in the year 2028 on our 20th Birthday how do you think your music will have changed?

I hope it won’t have changed that much. I just hope I’m singing about new experiences, feelings, being honest and exploring new sonics.

9) And for our 20th birthday, which other artists do you think should be on our list?

Off top of my head… Etta Bond, Shakka, Purple Ferdinand, Roses Gabor, Swindle, Vula, Ryan Ashley.

10) What gift would you like to give TIW on our 10th birthday?

A signed purple guitar played by Prince. It’s in the mail 🙂

Daley performs his headline show at Village Underground on Dec 11th. Nab the last couple of tickets here
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