10 questions with… ETTA BOND 

As we gear up to celebrate the notable mile stone of the big ‘1 – 0’  we’ll be checking in with some of our Wirey Day Ones to ask them 10 juicy questions. To kick things off we stopped to talk to the definition of Wirey Family, Etta Bond. Etta’s London show is SOLD OUT but you can still catch her in Manchester, Bristol, Brighton and Birmingham! www.musicglue.com/ettabond
1) TIW is 10 this year. What were you like when you were 10 years old? 
Loving music is what I remember most. I don’t really remember playing with friends so much. I’ve always liked my own company, especially when music is playing or when I’m writing down my thoughts. That’s never changed. Always been a bit odd. That hasn’t changed either. 
2) What’s the best advice would you give your 10 year old self?
Advice would suggest I’d want to have done something different. I would blow myself a kiss and be on my way. You have to live and learn. 
3) What’s your most memorable moment from your time at ThisIsWIRED?
Wow! Jagga swinging from a chandelier in Shoreditch House, our friend Natalie getting a lime thrown in her eye, Melo X singing ‘A Tree must be a Tree’ live for the first time and dedicating it to me?? How can I pick just one moment.
4) How has your career developed since you first got Wirey with us back in Feb 2010? 
It’s been a hell of a journey and a lot of hair styles. My music grows with me as I do. I don’t know how to pick milestones as such. Every day is a milestone. 
5) As you took to the stage and wowed the crowd beneath you with your undeniable, unstoppable musical ability… what kind of socks were you wearing?
Probably those cheap thin ones from Primark?
6) Tell us two things you want your fans to know about you that they don’t already.
I make really good banoffee pie and I have a crush on Seth Rogan. 
7) What are the last three songs you played on Spotify? 
Pon my mind – maleek berry
I’m actually listening to his project First Daze Of Winter right now so ‘been calling’ and ‘pulling me back’ as well. We’re on the second rotation. Lol
8) When we come back to you in the year 2028 on our 20th Birthday, how do you think your music will have changed?
I’ll sing in a robot voice and only ever be accompanied by a recorder. 
9) And for our 20th birthday, which other artists do you think should be on our list? 
Jenay Faith
10) What gift would you like to give TIW on our 10th birthday?
A juke box filled with music from all the Wirey fam 🙂

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