TIW holds a very special place in its Wirey hearts for this musician. We hope you’ll join us in sharing the love of this project too and continue to follow his journey onwards, an no doubt upwards! Wirey to his core – Michael Duke presents…

ABSLM VLTN is the debut music project from South LDN born songwriter and producer. The debut single Love, is the first in a series of releases, all of which are written, produced

and performed by ABSLM VLTN.

Drenched in the zeitgeist of a Prince-inspired slow jam, the melancholic musings of this track were “born from the tail end of a bittersweet love affair, written to find solace in the memory of someone I had to let go of.” Allow yourself to be wrapped in a blanket of silky falsetto vocals and transported into the lap of luxurious synths and a steady, pulsing beat.

Behind the scenes ABSLM VLTN has collaborated with a wealth of formidable artists in the past. Since then he has found pleasures in his own musical spaces, “I cultivate most of my ideas on my travels. My songs had their creative inceptions in Tokyo, Amsterdam and my bedroom studio in London.” His influences include James Blake, Prince, James Fauntleroy and Solange; attributing their creative journeys to the way in which he aspires to release music in the future.


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