Emeli Sande & Sam Branson #GIVEAHOME

“Thank you very much for having me here tonight. It’s a true honour to be performing at such an important event. I’m here in solidarity with all the millions of refugees that have been forced to flee their homes and it gives me renewed faith that we can come together in common humanity, in courage and that there is hope for a change in the world. So thank you for being here tonight and thank you for making sure everybody knows this is important and this is a real issue.”

With that, icon and songstress Emeli Sande gave us an exclusive rendition of her new and perfectly poignant song ‘Make Love, Not War’.

Emeli Sande – Picture credit: Korrie Powell

It was just last week that Sam Branson opened his home to a heart-warming collaboration between ThisIsWIRED and Sofar Sounds in aid of Amnesty International’s #GIVEAHOME. With 300 similar events happening in 60 countries, it was a truly special moment, with people coming together all around the world and uniting through music.

Team TIW, Sofar And Amnesty with host Sam and our incredible line up: Emeli Sande, Etta Bond, Wowh and Simo Lagnawi

With all the excitement and anticipation, it wouldn’t have been Wirey without a few of our musical chums – and who better to bring energy to the entire room than WOWH. You may even recognise one half of the band from 2012 when we introduced 8Fold for the first time!

WOWH – Picture credit: Korrie Powell

Just as we got in the swing of the beat, Moroccan born Simo Lagnawi took to the stage. As the UK’s leading Guembri player, he had us all clapping on the off beat. Our clapping was questionable at times but we loved it all the same! Sorry Simo!

Simo Lagnwari – Picture credit: Korrie Powell

Next up was TIW’s number one girl – Etta Bond. She had all of us fighting back tears with her stripped back and gut-wrenchingly honest version of ‘Forgiveness’. Weaving through our Etta faves like ‘Loophole’, ‘King to Be’ and ‘Break Free’ with Geo on guitar, she set the perfect tone for the imminent headliner.

Etta Bond – Pic credit Korrie Powell

It wasn’t until halfway through, when our hearts were racing and our hairs were standing on end, that we realised this was a once-in-a-lifetime moment; the magnificent Emeli Sande in the highly-intimate setting of Sam Branson’s home, singing her heart out – accompanied only by the intricate sounds of piano and acoustic guitar.

She treated us to her newest song ‘Starlight’, released that very day! And not one to disappoint, she left us swooning to live renditions of the classics ‘Next to Me’ and ‘Read All About it’. If ONLY I had learnt Professor Green’s part…! Maybe next time…


Emeli Sande – Video credit: Angry Branding

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