Ears: meet our special Thundercat playlist to relive the moment of his ThisIsWired performance at Shoreditch House.

Eyes: say hi to our catch up Q&A – get to know the man behind the bass and make-you-melt music.

Can you explain your stage name? Where did it come from? 

I have arrested development – I’m still a child in my mind and I struggle with manhood every day because of this i.e. see man-baby.

Can you pick three of your favourite stage looks/accessories and describe them?  

Well I still plan on coming on stage one day as Optimus Prime, but I don’t know if that much metal will be allowed through airport security.
Another look I like is the ‘I haven’t showered in a couple of weeks and severely hung over look’ – luckily it usually works out for me as I was still in my stage clothes when I was drinking. Other looks are, ‘the most important male model in the universe that just happens to eat too much Chinese food’ and / or just covered in lint and cat hair.

What are three musical collaborations in your career that have been particularly important to you? 

Of course Flying Lotus and Kendrick Lamar and I’d love to work with Dave Grohl.

Have a listen our Thundercat Playlist

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