TIW Aug Review – Thundercat

As the blazing sun was setting outside, ThisIsWired was lighting up the Library of Shoreditch House as artist and producer Chris Loco dropped a warm up set to prepare us all for the main event: an evening with Thundercat. The room was full of awestruck faces; some standing and some seating, but all managing to cram together as Thundercat and his band members Dennis Hamm (keys) and Justin Brown (drums) sleekly emerge on stage.


As the sound of delicate vocals filled the room in an acapella style intro, the intricate melody keys and the pounding bass of drums grew louder and more intense. Then at long last, Thundercat began strumming heartily on his bass guitar, sending the crowd into a mesmerised state.
Starting with a more down-tempo rhythm, Tron Song brought soft melodies accompanied by chiming cymbals. Hearts were aflutter during Hard Times as Thundercat gave us a true display of his vocal ability. Halfway through, the band picked up the pace and went double time. With the kick drum in full effect and keys keeping a steady melody, Thundercat went head to head with his band using his trusty bass. It was a spectacular sight and sound – a music lover’s dream.
Other songs like Heartbreaks and Setbacks brought us beautiful bass solos, while Nobody Knows got wirey guests on their feet before leading into the ultimate crowd pleaser; Them Changes.
In case anyone was in doubt as to whether Thundercat was enjoying it as much as his audience, he decided to let us all know how much fun he was having before dropping hints of a new album. He then proceeded to get lost in a world of his own as he went into Lone Wolf and Cub and Where the Giants Roam/Field of the Nephilim.
Rounding off this surreal experience, Thundercat get people to their feet once again, for an up-tempo mashup of one of the classic track Oh Sheit it’s X, jamming out in what seemed like another dimension altogether where time appeared to stand still.
As Thundercat graciously exited the stage to a roof-raising roar of screams, applause, cheers, and foot stomping, Chris Loco reappeared behind the decks just in time for a seamless transition into party mode.
But that was for from the end of the action. Before the night was over, artists in the room who were inspired by the energy of Thundercat (and maybe a few drinks, too!) gathered around the piano in the Library for a little impromptu live session. Geordan, Jason Julian and wirey past performers Raf Riley, Sweetstix and Shakka performed a midnight medley in a campfire-style jam out. Library lock-in with some of TIW’s favourite artists?  What better end to an incredible evening!
To view more photos from our Thundercat event click HERE

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