Over the years, we’ve shone a light on some of the greatest emerging live music around. Last Thursday 7th July however, we delivered another plot twist in the story of ThisIsWired as we kicked off a new format, TIW Talks.

In this new format, artists are invited to speak about the intricacies, the musical delicacies, the highs and lows of their career. Our first talk, set against the backdrop of a burning sunset in the Sitting Room of Shoreditch House, was a roaring success. Coming off the back of her phenomenal self-titled debut album, the beautiful and talented singer/songwriter ESKA reflected on her career, influences and artistry with producer, musician and long-time friend, Dave Okumu.

The TIW crowd, dazzling as ever, sat fixated as the genuine relationship between ESKA and Dave unraveled on stage for everyone to witness. Jubilant and entertaining, ESKA was eager to show us where it all started with What You Do by Colours.EW7A1458

After laughing heartily about this skeleton in her musical closet, ESKA treated us to a description of a childhood romance which manifested as a beautiful song called ‘English Skies’. “This is a song that birthed the album, but actually never made the final cut”, she told the audience.

After English Skies; a heartfelt ode of a friend, that it now it transpires, was taken too soon, ESKA continued to share intimate and vulnerable specifics of her songwriting process. She spoke about how painful and prolonged the creative process was in the creation of her single ‘Shades of Blue’. Tales of overnight studio sessions, sabotaged rehearsals and eureka moments with timpani drums and harmonicas were all part and parcel of her fascinating story.

To round off the talk, ESKA poignantly performed ‘So Long Eddy’. The song, originally an instrumental by Louis Hackett, was completed with ESKA’s help and their musical bond has made Hackett a brother to her, and an uncle to ESKA’s daughter.

After bringing the audience to their feet for a standing ovation, ESKA bowed out, sending us all to the Library; after all it wouldn’t be TIW without some dance floor dramatics, with bombs dropped by our resident DJ Chris Loco who spun us out until the wee hours of the morning.EW7A1423

If you missed this fascinating TIW Talks event with ESKA and Dave Okumu, you can sit back, close your eyes and imagine you’re hearing these live… apart from English Skies – that was an exclusive for those in attendance. Sorry to rub it in! 😉

Need more ESKA in your life? You can find her at The Round House on Aug 18th. Buy your tickets HEREeska

Photographer Rosie Matherson