We believe that there has never been a greater need for live performances than right now and that the stage is the place where artists can really shine.

Our aim is to highlight the importance of real music and we tirelessly support artists in their pursuit of success in their career within the music industry. We pride ourselves in creating an exclusive environment with no pretense or attitude. We successfully achieve this by developing a friendly relationship with everyone that passes through the doors of every event we organise. What is important to us is that everybody – irrespective of what creative field they are in – is encouraged to do just two things: enjoy groundbreaking and credible performances and to interact and network with their fellow Wirey crowd. We welcome creative contributions from the community, and we call that our very own Wirey family. 

We are keen on starting our own little Wirey revolution that will continue to grow and change the way we look at the music industry and the way we hear live music. Wired has always been known for its intimate environment and seeing artists of a high calibre at a grassroots level has always been our aim since our humble beginnings. 

We work closely with an organisation who run programs for underprivileged young people interested in the arts. Wired believe that creative expression can bring about liberation and inspiration in a young person’s life and through our experience we know that having a familiar environment of likewise individuals to feed off of, is essential in development and success, that is why we invest our time and expertise into  fundraising through our events to provide necessary equipment and resources for the youth to use in their academy.

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