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What is wired?
Born out of a desire to support great emerging talent, WIRED represents the best of the live music scene; an attentive audience of music lovers and a family atmosphere where artists can explore the breadth of their potential.
Wired Ethos
  • Support underprivileged young people
  • Invest our time, hearts and expertise into fundraising for underprivileged young people in the UK and to promote the idea that, through the arts, young people from all backgrounds and walks of life can experience liberation, inspiration and opportunity to build a bright future for themselves and their respective communities.
  • Create a unique platform for talent
  • Introduce a unique platform for groundbreaking and credible performances and to subsequently encourage an exchange of interaction and networking between each individual that steps into our Wirey world.
  • Create a community
  • Create a warm communal hub of artists to help the growth of creativity in the UK, prohibiting the stigma of pretence and attitude that often tags along.
  • Provide support for each creative artist
  • We want to show and provide continued support for each creative artist in their endeavours for success.


February 14

Massive  props to Cortes for stepping in after a last minute no show . They kicked things off and rocked our world! The Bloom Twins stole our hearts, but it was Ofei who’s distinguished style and vocals left us in awe.

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April 14

This month provided the opportunity to recline in the presence of the rippling slow-grooves and soft vocals of six-piece outfit The Hics, performing alongside Louis Hall harmonica in tow, and the beautifully gifted composer and cellist, Ayanna. Eclectic ecstasy!

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Wired Documentary
Got a passion for music? Want the inside word on the best new talent the UK has to offer? Then Wired is the place for you!